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    Minot AFB, ND Local Information

    Minot, North Dakota is the closest major city to Minot AFB. The city of Minot has about 41,000 people, and is in Ward County, which has a population of about 62,000 people. The other nearby small community in commuting range is Glenburn (about 1,000 people).

    It is about 15 miles from downtown Minot to base; this takes about 23 minutes to commute in clear driving, but the area can experience serious weather, and travel times may vary significantly.

    Local Housing Rental Prices: The average apartment rent in the Minot city area ranges from $400 to $650 per month, with a median of $475 per month.

    Note: The northwest North Dakota oil boom has soaked up much of the available rental housing in the area, although Minot is on the edge of the boom area. This market seems to be shifting as of 2014.

    Local Housing Purchase Prices: The average price for housing near Minot Air Force Base is about $127,000, compared to $118,000 for North Dakota. The northwest North Dakota oil boom has soaked up much of the available housing in the area, although Minot is on the extreme edge of the boom area. Furthermore, local housing is moderately reduced from the floods a few years ago.

    Short Description of the Area: Minot, North Dakota, is a small city by national standards, but is the fourth largest in the state, and an important local population center. It was once a major rail hub (before that, it was the End of the Line - conductors would announce Minot with "Prepare to meet your doom!") and a major bootlegging shipment center. The city lies on central North Dakota's gently rolling plains and shallow river valleys. The Souris (or 'Mouse') River flows through town, and has left a few oxbow lakes nearby. Minot's nickname is The Magic City, originally from how it seemingly sprung up from out of nowhere in the late 19th and early 20th Century.

    Oil Boom!: North Dakota is currently experiencing a major oil boom, which is doing great things for local employment, but is also presenting a few challenges. First there is a large population of workers in need of housing - this has taken up a fair amount of the local available housing, which is slowly being added to - as of 2014 the market has increased availability and prices seem to be stabilizing. Second, a large population of mostly male, currently single, workers has led to a certain amount of rough behavior. Be aware. Fortunately, the Minot area is on the outside edge of this boom.

    Climate and Weather: The Minot area has a cold humid climate, with winter temperatures of the low 20s to about 0, and biting lows in the -10s. Summer temperatures range from low 80s to high 50s, with heat spikes over 100. The area has amazingly cold winters, with up to a foot of snow per month and occasionally high winds. Summers are hot and humid, even muggy, with peak rain, up to a foot a month, in late spring and early summer. Thunderstorms are frequent, and tornadoes can roll through.

    Flood Warning: The Dakotas have suffered some heavy flooding a few times in the last several years, and although drainage is being improved, it could happen again. Know your heavy weather safety, and have an emergency kit on hand.